Sunday 19 April 2020

Chess Openings: Ruy lopez in Hindi


Ruy Lopez is one of the most famous opening played by many players in the world including top players and even World Champions.

In this Video we will see the introduction to Ruy Lopez main line in Hindi, Moves, Strategy, Plan, ideas for White and Black. This video will help you to understand different variations in Ruy Lopez.

How to play Chess, a complete Beginner's tutorial video to learn chess


The following Video shows how to play Chess

Its a complete Beginner's guide and perfect for the people who wants to learn the basics of Chess.

This Video consists of following Topics - How the Rook moves How the Bishop moves How the Queen moves How the Knight moves How the King moves How the pawn moves Board set up What is Check Defense of Check Checkmate Draw by Stalemate Draw by mutual agreement Draw by 50 moves rule Draw by repetition Draw by insufficient material Special Rule - Pawn promotion Special Rule - En passant Special Rule - Castle Types of castle - Short and Long Castle Conditions in Castling If you like this Videos and think it is instructive Like, Subscribe and Share